After becoming an R&D Center;


It strengthened the R&D organization with the exceptions and exemptions provided by the Law No. 5746, employment of qualified personnel, increase in physical space, equipment and hardware investments;



It continues its activities in product development, prototype production and testing unit, new and advanced technologies research, intellectual and property rights management departments.


A significant amount of system, device and machine development / commissioning studies were carried out for prototype design and production, testing, verification and approval areas, shortening the product development process, and effective process management was ensured by designing business practices in accordance with this speed.


With the increase in the number of qualified R&D Center Personnel, it has made it possible to carry out more than one project work at the same time.


We cooperate with national and international technology companies, research centers and faculty members of various universities in Tübitak / Kosgeb projects, internal projects and patent studies carried out at FMC GLOBAL R&D.


The most important output of the work done is the creation of an R&D culture within FMC GLOBAL.