He was born in Akisse, Konya in 1958 as the eldest of six siblings. He completed his primary and secondary education in Akisse. Mevlüt AYDIN, a member of the Aydın family, one of the rare families of 3 generation industrialists in Konya, was only 17 years old, and in 1975, Turkey's first suspension and steering parts manufacturer, AYD Otomotiv Endüstri San. and Tic. He is the founder of AŞ. AYD has accelerated its sector with its developing corporate structure and rapidly growing production power as of the point it has reached today. Today, AYD has the world's largest production campus in the Sector for Passenger, Light Commercial, Heavy Vehicle, Trailer and Agricultural Vehicles. With the production of Steering & Suspension parts, Brake parts products, it has managed to enter the top 500 in Turkey. Founded 65 years ago in a village in Anatolia, the 8-person nuclear family with mother, father and six children has today turned into the largest industrialist family of 6,500 people in Konya, together with its employees.

In 2008, in Konya Organized Industrial Zone, FMC Hydraulic Systems Automotive Mak. Singing. Trade Ltd. Şti. was founded. It was a pioneer in Anatolia in the production of value-added products, which are the signature of Turkish Engineering, especially in the Railways, Renewable Energy, Ship Machinery and Defense industry industries.

While remaining 15 years behind with the belief in the principles of hard work and efficiency, today FMC has become an internationally recognized Turkish Brand. The products that are known with our Railex brand in the railway sector are 100% domestic and the pride of Turkey is national products.

Mevlüt AYDIN's vision has been decisive in becoming the supplier of global organizations in the railway sector today. It is to understand exactly what the expectations of our European customers are, to protect their customers more than themselves, to transform the principles of honesty, traceability and transparency into corporate culture.

With this vision, many national and international firsts were signed. Critical 7 Defense Industry projects have been realized successfully. We have been the direct supplier of PSA Group (Peugeot, Citroen, Opel and DS) in the automotive sector, and our products are used in all diesel and gasoline vehicles. The high precision product needs of global organizations such as Knorr Bremse and Cummis are met. With Tülomsaş and Tüdemsaş Institutions, 90% localization of bogie and connection equipment of freight wagons was ensured.

Our country's FMC products attract a lot of attention and demand in international fairs with FMC and Railex brands. Thanks to the documents and certifications it has, our company in the bogie parts and spare parts group is the supplier of the German State Railways, the French State Railways, the Austrian State Railways, the Hungarian State Railways, the Polish State Railways and the Turkish State Railways.

Lean manufacturing techniques are applied in the FMC production site. Quality management systems (9001, 14001, 45001) and product tests are carried out and audited by internationally approved testing and certification bodies. Our organization, which is aware of the responsibility of being the only approved supplier company in our field of operation of its global-sized organizations in Turkey, does not compromise in its working discipline.

Within the body of FMC, where many engineering studies are followed, engineers and technicians have been trained for the Railways Renewable Energy, Ship Machinery, Defense Industry industries for our country.

Within the organization, projects are carried out within the scope of Public Industry Cooperation.

In addition, successfully completed and still ongoing R&D and P&D projects are carried out within Tübitak and Kosgeb. Our organization was the first organization in our region to benefit from the Ministry of Commerce's Global Supplier Chain Support. In addition, our organization, which has a high level of access to EU and other national resources, aims to carry out R&D and P&D studies starting from 2023. .

FMC exports 67% of its production today. It will continue to produce for this country, especially Railways, Defense Energy and Ship machinery, which have strategic priority for our country.

Mevlüt AYDIN, who has devoted 50 years to the Turkish industry, from apprenticeship to mastership, from a small workshop to the introduction of large factories to the Turkish Economy, continues his life as the Aksakallı, the eldest, the leader and the most experienced of the Aydın family.

With his love of production and inexhaustible internal energy, he manages all the activities of FMC, as well as the works of the Defense Industry and Railway strategic investments, which are envisaged on a 75,000 m2 campus in the Konya Organized Industrial Zone.

As Müsiad Konya Branch Board Member and Vice President, he supports many social responsibility projects, regional development plans, preparation of reports for local governments, and training of second generation industrialists and businessmen, with his knowledge, experience and opportunities, especially the needs of Konya Industry.