FMC Hidrolik commenced the production of spare parts for hydraulic cylinders in 2005

First step was machining and selling of spare parts which have forged by our forging facility. Adding up the new machines and assembly unit to the production line, FMC has also started to produce and sell hydraulic cylinders.

Today, with its qualified employee and flexible production capability, FMC committed to fulfill high requirements on growing competence, quality and reliable delivery to ensure good and trustworthy relation with its customers

To be a leader and preferable company in its activitiy sector considering quality assurance, safety and certain customer satisfaction.

To be come a leader and prefable company in the market, to produce quality and competitive products in the world marked through using every kind of sources efficiently and productively.

>> To produce quality products which are competitive in the world market through using our available every kind of source efficently and productivelyi

>> Placing certain customer satisfaction conscious, and continuous improvement,

>> While producing, to give being respectful to environment understanding to our all personel,

>> To provide contribution of all personel to quality developing and continuously improvement studies through "Quality is everybody's job" understanding ,

>> To provide having pirinciple of our all personnel to "The quality is not checked but produced" understanding,

>> Under light of determined quality objects and continuously improvement mission, to do studies for decreasing costs, increasing productivity and profitability and placing this as a company culture.

Quality is controlled on each step of production at FMC. Also, final controls made for all parts before the delivery with our quality control equipments. Generaly the quality control based on the rules of ISO 9001:2000 If customers give us the order, we will measure these parts by 3D - measuring machine and document these results.

FMC quality system has been certifed according to ISO 9001:2008.

All cylinders are tested and controlled by pressure and leakage test and reported customers.

Our new test bench is enable us to test the cylinders up to 700 bars according to customer request. Also, we are able to report the cleanliness of the hydraulic oil according to NAS6 with good filtering system of our test unit.

Our target is to assure that each employee is aware of “Quality can be produced, not controlled” policy.

FMC capable to produce high quality products with skilled staff and latest technology machines. All these machines are operated by qualified workers. All steps of hydraulic cylinder production process made at FMC except chrome plating.

Quality of chroming process is under FMC supervision and control. FMC production philosophy is always work to improve production skills, thus will enable us to give better service to the customers.

With the advantage of the machining possibilities, FMC adding new parts to its production line.

Production of SHAFT for Generators is a new production line for FMC. For the upcoming days, new parts will be included like rotor and stator bars, fun hubs, bearing hubs, etc. from the same production group.

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Cylinders are produced at FMC acoording to customer design. Furthermore, it is possible for our customers to order according to FMC cylinder series.

FMC produce standard and special hydraulic cylinders up to 1000 mm diameter and 8 meters length for the following fields of applications:

• Iron and Steel Industry
(i.e. cylinder for continuous casting, rolling mills)
• Heavy Construction Equipments
• Press Industry
• Mining and Metal Industry
• Agriculture Machines
• Special Purpose Cylinders

Cylinders are produced at FMC acoording to customer design. Furthermore, it is possible for our customers to order according to FMC cylinder series.
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Beside the complete cylinders, FMC also produce and sell spare parts especially for serial productions. These spare parts are mostlyused for heavy construction equipments.

Furthermore, FMC offer machined parts from forgingfor many different applications such as agriculture, construction, automotive and machine industry, etc.
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As a group company of AYD Chassis, FMC capable to offer forged parts with closed die system from 250 grams up to 60 kilograms in different shapes for different field of applications such as; automotive industry, hydraulic industry, railway industry, construction machines and agriculture machines.

Using advantage of our own tooling facility, FMC capable to develop new products in a very short time period.

Design and mould production are being made on CNC machines by experienced engineer team and by using CAD/CAM methods.
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     Boru hatları ve boru ve çelik konstrüksiyon kaynak dikişlerinde gelişmiş ultrasonik Muayene yöntemleri uygulama kabiliyeti de mevcuttur.Uygulamalar EN 473 / ISO 9712'ye göre belgelendirilmiş Seviye 1 ve 2 uzman tahribatsız muayene personeli tarafından yürütülmektedir.

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